Facility & Equipment

Our facility has been part of the Rochelle Community for many years.
We welcome everyone to come in and take full advantage of our facility!
**Children Must be 14 Years of age to use Hot Tub and the Gym Equipment**

  • Rochelle Indoor Pool
    Olympic Size Swimming Pool

    Come enjoy the largest indoor pool in the area. No need to worry about the weather when you can go swimming everyday. Swimming is a great exercise that is easy on the joints.

  • Rochelle Hot Tub
    Hot Tub

    Relax in the hot tub.. Not too long though!

  • Rochelle Dry Heat Sauna
    Dry Heat Sauna

    Enjoy the spa class Dry Heat Sauna

  • Rochelle Boxing Room
    Boxing Room

    We have an amazing boxing room which includes a speed bag and a punching bag. Burn off some of the days frustrations and get a great cardio workout!

  • Rochelle Fitness Room
    Cardiovascular Fitness Room

    We have plenty of cardio machines to get your heart pumping and improve your health!

  • Rochelle Weight Rooms
    Free & Strength Weight Rooms

    Barbells, Dumbells, or Smartbells, we got all kinds of bells.

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